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Fingers holding an accelerator on a chip

Accelerator on a Chip Lab

Each "Accelerator on a chip" is nanostructured using advanced fabrication techniques.

Advanced Optical Materials journal cover

ACHIP article & illustration featured in Advanced Optical Journal

Huiyang Deng and co-workers have leveraged the high laser damage threshold and moderate conductivity of Ga203 to demonstrate the first Ga203-based laser...

Laser apparatus

Dielectric Laser Acceleration

The ACHIP program aims to use lasers to accelerate lower-energy electrons to nearly light speed.

Hand holding chip array

Accelerator on a Chip Lab

The nanoscale patterns of SLAC and Stanford's accelerator on a chip gleam in rainbow colors prior to being assembled and cut into their final forms.

ACHIP Group Photo

About Us

We are an international collaboration that includes world-renowned experts in accelerator physics, laser physics, nanophotonics and nanofabrication.

Accelerator Diagram

Research Highlights

We use laser light to propel electrons through a series of artfully crafted chips, dramatically shrinking the size and cost of particle accelerators.

Cover Slide: Microchip Accelerators — Laser Driven Particle Accelerators on a Silicon Chip

ACHIP in the News

Stanford ACHIP PI, Robert Byer, was invited to speak on the topic: ‘Microchip Accelerators – Laser-driven particle accelerators-on-a-silicon-chip’ at the Philosophical Society of Washington Science meeting in November 2021.

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