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Schedule of ACHIP meetings as of Nov 15, 2019

PDF available here

Scientific Reporting and Collaboration

Face-to-Face Collaboration Meetings

Face-to-face meetings of the full ACHIP collaboration are held twice per year to review recent results, discuss joint projects, and to evaluate the goals and directions of the program.  The meeting host locations rotate among participant institutions, alternating between the US and Europe.  

Meeting details and agenda (requires Indico login).   [Login help.]

Quarterly Report Group Teleconference

Teleconference meetings of 2 hour duration are held each academic quarter.  Progress reports are organized into six (6) research sessions:  Simulations, Electron Source, Sub-relativistic Structures, Relativistic Structures, Large-scale Integration, and Laser Sources, with each session co-chaired by lead investigators from the ACHIP collaboration. 

Meeting details and agenda (requires Indico login).  [Login help.]

Early Career Researcher Meetings

These monthly teleconferences focus on participation of young researchers at the graduate student and postdoctoral levels, allowing them to give and receive feedback from their peers on results in progress.  For instructions on attendance, please contact Kent Wootton ( and Josh McNeur (  

Administrative Meetings

Collaboration Executive Committee (CEC)

The CEC will meet face-to-face on a bi-yearly basis to discuss administrative policy for the ACHIP program.  These meetings are scheduled to coincide with the bi-yearly collaboration meetings. 

Advisory Committee

A panel will be assembled of world-renowned experts in relevant fields to provide guidance on the direction and future success of the program.  The Advisory Committee will convene once per year, coinciding with one of the two bi-yearly Face-to-Face Collaboration Meetings.