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Note: These presentations are copyrighted by the original author as listed. They may be copied, displayed, derivative works performed and remixes based only if they give the author credit (attribution) and only for non-commercial purposes.

SPIE Photonics West Plenary Talk

Robert L. Byer
3 Feb 2020

SLAC Colloquium Series

Peter Hommelhoff
21 Jun 2018
Robert L. Byer
26 Feb 2018

PAM-2, ETH Zurich

Rasmus Ischebeck
19 May 2017
Rasmus Ischebeck
5 May 2017

8th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark

Kent P. Wootton
17 May 2017

ICFA Workshop on Gamma Gamma Colliders, Beijing, China

Robert L. Byer
23 Apr 2017

High Power Laser Review, Stanford University

Robert L. Byer
27 Jan 2017

HEP Talk, Institutional Review of SLAC

Robert L. Byer
8 Jun 2016

UCLA Physics Colloquium

Robert L. Byer
21 Apr 2016